Author Guideline


Article file should be typed in Microsoft Word format and follow the article template provided in the website. Article must be written in English for 2nd INCAF and can be written in English or Bahasa for 7th NCAF.

Article title

The title should be short, clear and informative, but does not exceed 12 words.

Article length

The manuscript should be between 4.000 and 7.000 words in length. It includes abstract, tables, figures, and references.

Author details

The author’s names should be accompanied by the author’s institutions and an email account, without any academic title. It should be placed below the title. For a joint paper, one of the authors should be notified as the corresponding author.

Abstract and keyword

The abstract should be approximately 150 words, concise covering the aim, the methodology, and the result of the study. The keywords should be of 3 to 5 words.


All references in article must be formatted using APA citation styles.

Article classification

a) Research paper: reports research findings from quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method.

b) Literature review: this category presents literature analysis using systematic literature review or bibliometric analysis and explore opportunity for future study.

c) conceptual framework: focuses on developing hypothesis and provide an innovative idea in accounting fields.