It’s time to compete and pursue your professional accounting career in a global business environment

The International Undergraduate Program (IP) in Accounting at UII is designed to nurture competent graduates who are equipped with comprehensive accounting knowledge and practices, noble character based on Islamic values, and adaptive work skills to compete in the dynamic global business environment and disruptive technological advances in the digital era.

This program uses English as the language of instruction in all academic activities.

Academic Degree
International Undergraduate Program (S1)
Sarjana Akuntansi
(S.Ak.) – Bachelor of Accounting

Duration of Study
8 semester
(estimated full-time study)

National Accreditation:
❯  Unggul (BAN-PT)

International Accreditation/Certification:
❯  The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA)


The 2021 curriculum design is designed as a response to the development of the accounting profession and science in the digital era by combining the latest accounting knowledge and practice with today’s business trends in using information systems and technology, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and the foundation of Islamic values.

Freedom to Learn – Merdeka Belajar!  Three alternative final project paths that you can choose according to your interests and career plans.

Compulsory courses 129 sks 144 sks 132 sks
Elective courses 15 sks 0 sks 12 sks
University compulsory student activities 50 skp 50 skp 50 skp
Study program compulsory student activities 10 skp 10 skp 10 skp
Curriculum 2021 i-technopreneur accountant
SAK110 Introduction to Accounting
SAK130 Systems and Information Technology
SAK180 Introduction to Economics
SAK190 Business Law
SAK191 Business Communciation
UNI601 Islam Ulil Albab
UNI603 Pancasila Education
UNI606 English
SAK210 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1
SAK220 Cost Accounting
SAK230 Accounting Information Systems
SAK250 Islamic Economics and Finance
SAK280 Mathematics for Economics and Bussiness
UNI604 Civics Education
UNI607 Academic Writing
SAK310 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2
SAK320 Management Accounting
SAK330 Systems Analysis and Design
SAK340 Taxation
SAK350 Shariah Financial Accounting
UNI600 Islamic Religion Education
UNI605 Shariah Entrepreneurship
SAK410 Advanced Accounting
SAK430 Management Information Systems
SAK431 ERP Application Systems-SAP
SAK440 Tax Management
SAK460 Auditing 1
SAK470 Financial Management 1
SAK480 Descriptive Statistics
SAK510 Financial Statement Analysis
SAK511 Accounting Theory
SAK520 Management Control Systems
SAK540 Public Sector Accounting
SAK560 Technology-Based Audit
SAK580 Inferential Statistics
SAK620 Cost Management
SAK640 Governmental Accounting 
SAK670 Financial Management 2
SAK671 Risk and Investment Management
SAK680 Accounting Data Analytics
SAK681 Accounting Research Method


SAK790 Digital Business
SAK791 Business and Professional Ethics
UNI602 Islam Rahmatan lil Alamin
UNI608 Community Development Participation
SAK700 Accounting Competency Development
Elective Course 1
Elective Course 2
SAK800 Undergraduate Thesis
Elective Course 3
Elective Course 4
Elective Course 5


UNI608 Community Development Participation
SAK700 Accounting Competency Development
SAK981 Internship Proposal
SAK982 Internship
SAK983 Internship Progress Report
SAK790 Digital Business
UNI602 Islam Rahmatan lil Alamin
SAK984 Internship Final Report
SAK985 Internship Final Exam
SAK986 Internship Report Publication
SAK791 Business and Professional Ethics


UNI608 Community Development Participation
SAK700 Accounting Competency Development
Elective Course 1
Elective Course 2
Elective Course 3
Elective Course 4
SAK995 Business Project
SAK996 Business Project Final Exam
SAK790 Digital Business
SAK791 Business and Professional Ethics
UNI602 Islam Rahmatan lil Alamin


SAK910 Intermediate Financial Accounting 3
SAK911 Contemporary Issues in Accounting 1
SAK912 Contemporary Issues in Accounting 2
SAK913 Contemporary Issues in Accounting 3
SAK920 Behavioral Accounting
SAK921 Strategic Management
SAK922 Corporate Governance
SAK923 Environmental and Social Accounting
SAK930 Business Process Integration-SAP
SAK931 Decision Support System
SAK932 Information Systems Audit
SAK940 International Taxation
SAK941 Tax Planning
SAK942 ERP Government for Planning and Budgeting
SAK943 ERP Government for Accounting and Reporting
SAK944 Public Sector Audit
SAK950 Shariah Audit
SAK951 Fiqh Muamalah
SAK952 Shariah Financial Management
SAK960 Forensic Audit
SAK961 Management Audit
SAK962 Internal Audit
SAK963 Auditing 2
SAK970 Capital Market Theory
SAK971 Financial Engineering
SAK991 Business Initiation and Feasibility Study*
SAK992 Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship*
SAK993 Product Innovation*
SAK994 MSME Accounting and Taxation*

*) Elective courses that are recommended to be taken by students who choose their final project using the entrepreneurship pathway.

University compulsory student activities
UNI660 Islamic Basic Values Training
UNI661 Qur’anic Personal Development Training
UNI662 Career and Self Development Training
UNI663 Islamic Leadership and Da’wa Training
Study program compulsory student activities
SAK100 Output Character Building


IP students will participate in International Student Mobility activities to gain experience and broaden their horizons as global citizens through programs organized together with our international partner community abroad.

In addition, students also have the opportunity to earn double degrees and exchange semesters with one of our foreign university partners in the Netherlands, Australia, China, South Korea or Malaysia during their studies at UII.

  • University of Queensland (2+1,5)
  • Saxion University of Applied Sciences (3+1)
  • University of Gloucestershire (2+2)
  • SolBridge International School of Business (2+2)
  • Nanjing Xiaozhuang University (2+2)
  • SolBridge International School of Business
  • Universiti Putera Malaysia
  • Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Saxion University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Queensland
  • International Islamic University Malaysia

Achieve the ACCA professional qualification alongside your Bachelor of Accounting qualification from UII

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a global platform for professional accountants. Many global companies recognize and seek graduates with ACCA qualifications, as their skills and competencies are highly relevant to all areas of accounting and finance. Therefore, holders of this certification have more diverse career options and wider opportunities with networks spread across many countries around the world. Get the opportunity to earn an ACCA degree by studying IP Accounting at UII.

ACCA students also have the exclusive opportunity to pursue a dual BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting at Oxford Brookes University, and to pursue a master’s degree in MSc in Professional Accountancy from the University of London.

Not only limited to career opportunities within the accounting profession, the graduates of a Bachelor of Accounting also have their own advantages as professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, and managers of modern organizations. With a strong foundation of accounting and business knowledge, prospective leaders and managers who graduate from this program are accustomed to factual thinking and paying attention to balance in formulating business strategies and managing organizations.

Some examples of career opportunities for Accounting graduates: Professional Accountants (eg: Public, Corporate, Government/Public Sector, Academics, etc.); Managers/Entrepreneurs; and Consultants (eg: information systems, tax and finance, management, etc.).


It’s time to design your future: Admission for Academic Year 2022/2023 is now open

General Requirements

  1. Domestic registrants are citizens of the Republic of Indonesia who have a Population Identification Number (NIK) listed on an official identity card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk or Kartu Keluarga).
  2. High school graduate (SMA/SMK/Madrasah Aliyah or equivalent)
  3. Have created an account on the UII admission system to get a Primary Identification Number (Nomor Induk Utama – NIU), which is the main identity that must be owned by UII  registrants in all selection pathways. NIU is only made once at the beginning of the registration process (before purchasing the registration form) via the website: NIU creation is free of charge.
  4. Having adequate English language skills as indicated by a valid English language proficiency test certificate (TOEFL/IELTS/CEPT) with a minimum score that has been determined by the International Program. Full terms and conditions can be seen on the following web page: English Proficiency Requirement
  5. Pass the selection process through one of the selection patterns according to the provisions of the UII PMB admission.

Selection Pathways

UII New Student Admissions (PMB) for the Undergraduate (S1) and Diploma (D3) programs are conducted through several selection pathways. For domestic students, you can choose one of the following pathways: Computer Based Test (CBT), Seleksi Berbasis Rapor (Siber), Penelusuran Siswa Berprestasi (PSB), Penelusuran Hafiz Al-Qur’an (PHA), Penelusuran Pemimpin Muda (PPM), and PMB Bersama (APTISI & BKSPTIS).

More information about the detailed procedure and schedule for New Student Admissions can be accessed on the website

Prospective applicants who are not citizens of the Republic of Indonesia can follow the admission procedures for prospective foreign students. Further information can be accessed on the website

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