Master of Accounting,
take your knowledge and skills to a higher level

By studying Master of Accounting at Universitas Islam Indonesia (Maksi UII), you will gain advanced accounting knowledge and enhance the skills you have acquired during your undergraduate studies for further career development.

Academic Degree
Master Program (S2)
Magister Akuntansi

4 semesters
(estimated full-time study)

Class/Program Options
Regular Class/Executive Class

National Accreditation:
❯  Unggul (BAN-PT)

Maksi UII at a Glance: #SiapmAKSI

Master of Accounting program at the Faculty of Business and Economics, Universitas Islam Indonesia (Maksi UII) was founded in 2010, which is a postgraduate education program (S2 – Master) in accounting with an M.Ak (Master of Accounting) academic degree. The Maksi UII program designs its curriculum and learning system based on information technology and Islamic values so that it is able to provide exceptional characteristics and skills for students and the future graduates.

Over the past five years, this program has succeeded in making contributions to society, both in terms of science, human resources, and the development of private and public organizations. The Maksi UII program offers four (4) concentration options, including: Government Accounting, Islamic Accounting, Taxation, and Forensic Auditing. In terms of input and eligibility, students who take part in the Master of Accounting Program at UII consist of fresh graduates and also professionals who have worked and have sufficient experience. After completing this program, graduates are expected to have more comprehensive knowledge and be able to provide solutions in dealing with various organizational problems, especially from an accounting perspective. From various surveys, the capabilities of graduates of the Maksi UII program have been known for their reliability in solving various problems faced by companies/organizations.

NEW CURRICULUM, broaden your business horizons, sharpen your accounting skills

Our 2021 curriculum design for the Master of Accounting Program at UII is designed specifically by adapting developments in the latest actual issues to provide a choice of study concentrations that students wish to pursue, which include: Government Accounting, Islamic Accounting, Forensic Auditing, and Taxation.

The Maksi FBE UII education program is implemented using a semester credit (SKS) and participation credit (SKP) system where students are required to take 39 credits (including the matriculation program) and 15 SKP supporting learning activities over a period of 4 (four) semesters.

Matriculation 0 SKS
Compulsory courses 30 SKS
Concentration/Elective courses 9 SKS
Supporting learning activities 15 SKP
Curriculum 2021 – Master of Accounting
Matriculation Program
MAK010 Financial Accounting
MAK 020 Management Accounting
MAK 060 Auditing
MAK 030 Accounting Information Systems
MAK180 Contemporary Issues in Taxation
MAK110 Financial Accounting Theory
MAK170 Contemporary Financial Management
MAK130 Strategic Control Systems
MAK260 Audit and Attestation
MAK230 Strategic Decision Support Systems
MAK290 Research Methodology in Accounting
Concentration Course 1
MAK390 Islamic Leadership and Ethics
Concentration Course 2
Concentration Course 3
MAK300 Final Project 1 (Thesis Proposal/Case Study)*
MAK400 Final Project 2 (Thesis Exam)
MAK401 Final Project 3 (Academic/Scientific Article Writing)

* The Final Assignment can be prepared using case studies in the student’s workplace/home institution

MAK240 Government Financial  Statements Reporting & Analysis
MAK241 Government Audit and Governance
MAK 242 Management and Valuation of Government Assets
MAK 243 Government Financial Management
MAK 244 Innovation and Digital Transformation in Government
MAK350 Islamic Accounting Theory
MAK351 Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions
MAK352 Fiqh of Contemporary Financial Transaction
MAK 353 Governance and Auditing of Islamic Entities
MAK354 Risk Management of Islamic Financial Institutions
MAK360 Introduction to Forensic Accounting
MAK361 Investigation Techniques and Methods
MAK362 Litigation Framework and Expert Witness
MAK363 Forensic Audit and Fraud Detection
MAK364 Anti Money Laundering
MAK380 Tax Management and Planning
MAK381 Tax Audit
MAK382 International Taxation
MAK383 Tax Negotiations, Judicature, and Crimes
MAK384 Capita Selecta Taxation

Each concentration course weighs 3 credits.
The concentration is opened if the number of participants meets the minimum requirements for class opening.
Students take a maximum of 3 concentration courses offered.

MAK 090 Intensive Study of Al-Qur’an (General Lecture)
MAK 091 Behavior Modeling for Learning
MAK 092 Workshop on Literacy and Publication Techniques
MAK 093 Presentation and Communication Techniques Workshop
MAK 094 Islam Rahmatan Lil’alamin
MAK 302 Case Analysis Writing Workshop
MAK 301 Research Analysis Tools Workshop (Quantitative/Qualitative)*
MAK 391 Community Service – Company Visit

*Workshop on research analysis tools (quantitative and qualitative) is conducted separately

All academic activities and lectures at Maksi UII are held in Bahasa Indonesia. Foreign students who do not meet the minimum language proficiency requirements (UKBI) will be required to take the BIPA Program before starting the semester at Maksi UII.

Master of Accounting (M.Ak.) graduates are designed as professionals who have diverse career opportunities in various sectors, both private and government. Maksi UII graduates are expected to be able to apply their competencies at the managerial level in career fields such as:

  1. Accounting Manager, namely an accountant who is responsible for coordinating and managing work in the accounting field in an organization.
  2. Audit Manager, namely the accountant who is responsible for managing and supervising the work of public accountants (auditors).
  3. Accounting Consultant, an accountant whose role is to provide consultation or recommendations that are independent of the organization.
  4. Accounting Educator, namely accountants who work as teaching staff (lecturers/academics).
  5. Accounting Researcher, namely an accountant whose role is to carry out research and development in the field of accounting.


Opportunity to gain Double Degrees from UII and UWA

In order to produce professional accountants with global knowledge and international quality, Maksi UII in collaboration with UWA Business School, The University of Western Australia offers a double master’s degree program with a 1+1 program scheme, with the first year of study in Yogyakarta and one year later in Perth, Australia. By joining this program, you can achieve two master’s degrees at once.

UWA is the only university in Western Australia that is internationally accredited by EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) and AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). Having been established for more than 100 years, UWA is included in the Group of Eight best universities in Australia with international quality and reputation and is included in the 100 best universities in the world in the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

Requirements & Registration
for Double Degree Program

  1. Legalized copy of Bachelor’s degree diploma and transcript;
  2. Certificate of English language proficiency (English language proficiency), can use a minimum IELTS score of 6, TOEFL PBT minimum 570, or TOEFL IBT minimum 87;
  3. Copy of personal identity in the form of a valid passport;
  4. Motivation letter (explaining the reasons why you want to take part in the dual degree program);
  5. Letter of recommendation from one of the lecturers at UII or UWA.

Estimated Costs for Double Degree Program 

  1. The registration fee at UII is IDR 750,000
  2. Tuition fees at UII (specifically for double degree programs) are IDR 45,000,000/year.
  3. Tuition fees at UWA are AUD 41,000/year.
  4. The cost of living in Perth, Australia is around AUD 1,700/month.

Note: The nominal and fees mentioned above are estimates where the value may change following the policies set by each university and changes in the latest currency exchange rates.

Why choose a Double Degree Program?

  1. Lectures are held for 1 year in Indonesia (Yogyakarta), and 1 year in Australia (Perth);
  2. Costs are more efficient, because education costs at UWA are only for 1 year (2 semesters);
  3. Graduated with two academic degrees at once, namely Master of Accounting (M.Ak) from UII and Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) from UWA;
  4. If you take the Forensic Audit concentration, students have the opportunity to take the CFrA (Certified Forensic Auditor) certification exam.

Double Degree Program Curriculum (1+1)

Lectures will be attended in Indonesia (UII)
Semester 1 Semester 2
Accounting Theory Research Methodology
Advanced Accounting Elective Course 1
Taxation Elective Course 2
Decision Support Systems Elective Course 3
Lectures will be attended in Australia (UWA)
Semester 3 Semester 4
Contemporary Issues in Accounting Ethics and Sustainability Management
Applied  Professional Business Communication Accounting for Planning and Control
Commercial and Company Law Intermediate Corporate Financial Accounting
Introduction to Finance Professional Development Practicum

Note: Students work on their thesis at UWA, but supervision and assessment are the responsibility of UII.

It’s time to design your future
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The Master of Accounting Program at FBE UII (Maksi UII) can be taken by undergraduates with any scientific background (multi entry), whether they are already working as managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, or have careers in government agencies. Apart from that, this program is also open to new graduates (fresh graduates) who are interested in developing and deepening their knowledge as professional accounting experts.


UII New Student Admissions (PMB) for the Master of Accounting Program for the 2023/2024 Academic Year is open. Please follow the steps below to register for our program:

  1. Create a Primary Identification Number (Nomor Induk Utama – NIU) if you don’t have one/are not a UII alumni by visiting the UII Admissions website and creating an account ( > New Postgraduate Student Admissions > Create Account/Create NIU Account).
  2. Login with NIU and the registered keywords to purchase a form for registration with the following flow: ( > Postgraduate New Student Admissions > Login>Select the Purchase Form menu>Select Masters/Doctoral level>Select selection type: Postgraduate PMB or PMB Pascasarjana). After purchasing the form, you will get a billing number.
  3. Pay the registration fee bill of IDR 750,000 via Bank Mandiri (Teller/ATM/Mobile Banking). Payment is made by entering the bill number into the bank’s payment system service, not by transfer to the account number. The payment guide can be accessed via the web page:
  4. Print the exam card from the admission system (Log in to > Select the UPCM Form menu > Select the PBT).
  5. Contact the staff/admin of the Master of Accounting Study Program (Maksi UII) to carry out the Academic Potential Test (TPA) and Interview Test via number 0813 2878 9856 (WhatsApp).

International Applicants

Are you foreign student who wants to study at Maksi UII?

If you are a foreigner (not an Indonesian passport holder) and want to apply to study in our postgraduate program, please follow the international admissions provisions which you can see via the website page below.